Why Finding Good Service Workers Is So Difficult

And why we don't staff for them

Contractors looking for service workers know that decent help is not easy to find. Contractors often call into Grus looking for HVAC service techs, electricians with troubleshooting and service experience, or service plumbers. Currently, Grus only recruits for new construction positions. However, we felt it was important to cover why we don’t staff for service positions, and in turn, why it is so difficult to find workers to fill these positions. 

Unlike new construction, these workers are expected to come into projects that have already been completed. This means assessing another Journeyman’s work, and attempting to trace back through their steps to uncover issues within existing systems. This requires an entirely different skill set from new construction. 

When we tried staffing for these positions in the past, there were three big problems we ran into: 

1. Many skilled hands believe that because they have lots of construction experience, that they can just walk right into a service job, and do the work. 

As we discussed, these positions require a much different skill set than new construction. New construction is clean, open, and allows all trades to see the work that is being done. In a service position, that work has been capped off, hidden in walls, ceilings, and floors. These jobs require a Journeyman to use diagnostic testing to determine deficiencies, as well as take apart the existing work to fix said deficiencies. 

2. The craftsmen we work with do not like to do this kind of work. 

Bottom line, this work is not easy. Or, in some cases, it is too easy. 

3. Most contractors do not want to pay what is required to staff this kind of position. 

Take the service plumber for example. This is not glorified work. It is dirty, and requires an analytical mind and skills that can predict where a problem is to save contractors and the client time and materials. If contractors really want someone capable of doing these jobs, they have to pay more than an entry-level salary. 

So, if you are looking to staff for service positions, consider the above to save yourself some time in the process. If you are looking for some good hands to complete an upcoming or current new construction project, give Grus a call today.