Available Tradesmen

Grus is progressively displaying the Profiles of immediately available workers. The displayed workers are updated real time as the workers finish projects and come available. The current list is only displaying a small percentage of the 150,996 craftsmen that are registered with us. If a listed worker does not accept your current position then it is likely that we will have another available candidate not yet listed with a similar profile. After selecting the workers and completing the ‘Request a Quote’ an Account Mgr will immediately contact the worker and you to complete the hiring process. The sort by distance feature increases the possibility of us supplying some personnel without the burden of paying per diem. We are excited about staffing your projects. Many Clients are even using this Grus service to fill not only their temporary positions but key permanent positions as well. Start Grus working for you immediately!

Select from the options below and click 'Sort List' to view applicant profiles.