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1. Standard Terms (Grus Payroll)

Skilled labor can be supplied on Grus payroll and billed at varied wage levels to reflect their current abilities.

  • Grus recruits and dispatches personnel.
  • Grus carries the payroll, unemployment and worker's compensation.
  • Grus bills an hourly rate for workers which covers recruiting, payroll, unemployment and workers compensation.

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2. Referral Terms (Your Payroll)

Skilled labor can be referred to begin working directly on your payroll with Grus billing a low hourly fee. This billing arrangement is ideal since it keeps your costs proportionate with the size of the job and the amount of time that the skilled workers are performing.

  • Grus recruits and dispatches personnel.
  • Workers are paid by the Client.
  • Grus bills a low hourly referral fee.

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With over 25 years of experience, contractors across the nation have taken advantage of Grus Recruiters and the Grus National Database of skilled tradesmen to staff their commercial and industrial construction projects.

Grus maintains a large, full-time work force of skilled journeymen and apprentices. We have personnel who will travel to out-of-town job sites.

Grus is an active member of the Associated Builder & Contractors Association (ABC). We are committed to the success of the construction industry.

Grus Contract Choices
  • Grus provides all skill levels; apprentice, journeymen and foremen including certified and licensed.
  • Flexibility in managing your fluctuating workforce needs.
  • Reduced overhead expenses associated with recruiting new employees.
  • Professional support to handle employee payroll, unemployment and worker's compensation.
  • The referral fee is satisfied after 1000 hours and then no further fees are due on Referral Terms. Standard Term workers can also transition to Client payroll with two week written notice when a worker reaches 1000 hours.

Accounts can usually be opened within two hours. Jobs are posted immediately and Recruiters usually have candidates to choose from before the end of the first day. Most jobs are filled within one to two days.