Three Big Reasons Contractors Should Consider Paying Per Diem

Get More Value out of Your Process

Do you suffer from back pain? Are your eyes about to fall out of your head from staring at various paragraphs riddled with spelling/grammatical errors, irrelevant experiences, and timelines that do not seem to match up? Is your voice raspy and rough from asking the same 12 questions over and over for eight hours straight, only to conclude with a head-pounding five word phrase “We’ll give you a call.”? Do you end the day feeling like…there is so much more you could have accomplished?!

This is the old way of hiring. It is exhausting and time consuming.

We talk to contractors all the time who share these experiences with us, and are at their wits end. This myriad of issues can be mitigated by using a service like ours. However, staffing only solves one piece of the puzzle. While there are plenty of times we can save you the trouble of sorting through the locals and expanding your talent pool with our own local resources, it is becoming more and more advantageous for contractors to offer added incentive to find the skill sets necessary to complete their projects on schedule. Per Diem is a great way to streamline this process, and here are some reasons why you should consider it moving forward:

Local Market is Tapped

Contractors will often call in and lament that they have posted ads all over the internet, newspaper, milk carton, etc. and simply cannot find anyone, or anyone worthwhile for that matter. Sometimes with our additional resources, we are able to track down some locals that you missed, but oftentimes if we are instructed to limit the search to locals, we end up finding the same people you did (and have passed on), or no one at all.

Per Diem allows you broaden your search, and quickly fill the position.

Time is MONEY

Clients that we work with know that their time is valuable, and what does the hiring process eat up most?


The fact of the matter is there are probably a million other things you could be doing instead of sifting through resumes, interviews, and waiting around for people to show up. While Per Diem is an additional cost that needs to be accounted for, you cannot discount the value it adds when you consider time saved. What has taken you a few days or many weeks to fill could be decreased to the matter of a few hours. We have seen plenty of jobs fill within minutes when contractors offer Per Diem, good hours and a competitive pay rate.

Attract Top Talent

This point goes hand in hand with the local market often being tapped. Craft workers are becoming harder and harder to find, and if you restrict yourself to the local market you only get workers who are honing their skills when the work is in their immediate location. Per Diem allows you to take on travelers who continually travel from job to job, gaining more knowledge and ability with each project. They are the proverbial rock stars of the construction industry, and they can complete your job ahead of schedule.

Can you identify with any of these situations? Tired of the old interview process? Give us a call and let us prove how beneficial a Per Diem can be!