Why Is Delegating Your Hiring and Onboarding Process to a Construction Staffing Company a Good Idea?

We know that contractors feel the sting when hiring efforts do not produce the intended results. You spend time and resources to find the best candidate for the job, only to realize later that your time and money were poorly invested.  Positions like project manager and superintendent require experience and a strong resume.  The real question then, is how do businesses and qualified candidates find each other?  In many cases, hiring a staffing company that specializes in your industry is the solution.  Today we will briefly discuss why delegating your hiring and onboarding efforts to a professional construction staffing company is a good idea.

More Efficient Hiring

Hiring a professional to do an important job is usually the best way to get positive results, and hiring is no different.  Staffing companies are experts in the field, and have the human resource experience that business owners may be lacking.  Staffing companies can streamline the hiring and onboarding process because they are designed for it. They have the contacts and experience to sort through candidates very efficiently, saving both time and money.

Better Candidates

Often the best available candidates use staffing companies as an employment agent.  Staffing companies are in constant contact with these professionals and can present a job opportunity the candidate didn’t know was available.  Qualified tradesmen looking for construction jobs tend to work with staffing companies to save time and expand their job search while avoiding sifting through dozens of potential employers. 

Lower Cost

Perhaps the most useful benefit of hiring a construction staffing company is the cost savings.  Human resource departments can be a substantial investment for a business.  Unless you’re constantly hiring, the costs of maintaining an HR department can be cost prohibitive.  Payroll, benefits, and other expenses associated with in-house HR departments can greatly reduce your net profits, making outsourcing an attractive option. Staffing companies are available on demand, so contractors can attain better, more qualified skilled tradesmen without managing the process themselves.  A few benefits of using a staffing company might be:

  • Reduced Overhead
  • Less Overtime
  • Greater Talent Pool
  • Access To Networking
  • Expert Advice

Temporary Employment

Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring a construction staffing company is the ability to test the fit of a new employee before making an offer.  Sometimes candidates seem qualified and a nice fit within an organization.  However, issues between company culture and a new employee can take a while to present itself.  By using a construction staffing company, contractors can hire a qualified prospect temporarily, allowing them to acclimate to the position.  In many cases, this trial period will avoid potentially expensive and frustrating problems in the future.