Three Tips for Hiring Skilled Millwrights for Your Next Project

With the continuing adoption of automated manufacturing machinery, millwrights are in high demand to keep machines in good working order over the next decade.

These three tips should help any contractor narrow down their search, saving them time and stress when filling their millwright jobs

1. Get a feel for the market beforehand

Contractors in the millwright industry should do their best to pay attention to the labor market in their area. This can be done by visiting your local trade schools, magnet high schools, attending job fairs, sponsoring events relevant to your industry, or setting up a tent at town events. While this is a great way to get to know your local talent, it also provides exposure for your company. 

2. Increase your wages 

A competitive wage is a great way to attract the most qualified workers, and retain them. If you are paying the highest rate in your market, your competition will have to fight to keep all their best workers.  This is also a great way to build rapport among the most skilled workers, as they will know you are a contractor willing to pay what they are worth. 

3. Hire a construction staffing company to find help fast

Want access to in-depth knowledge about the amount of talent in your local market, and what pay rates are most effective in recruiting the most qualified millwrights and apprentice millwrights in the business? Call a construction staffing agency

At Grus, our team of recruiters, account managers, and industry professionals conduct daily research in markets all throughout the United States. On top of that, we are capable of going the extra mile, and recruiting millwrights for your projects in just a few days' time. Sometimes even faster than that. 

If you would like to know more about who we have available in your local market, reach out to Grus today.