Three Questions Contractors Should Ask When Recruiting Skilled Welders for Welding Jobs

As is with most of the construction industry, the term “welders” spans a pretty large range. Contractors should be mindful of a few finer details to ensure they obtain the right welder for a welding job.

1. What qualifications do you need for your project?

With so many different skill sets, finding the right person for your welding job can be very time-consuming. So, it’s good to know exactly what you need these welders to be doing on a daily basis. Let’s start broad, and narrow it down from there. For example, let's say you land a large refrigeration system contract. You know that you will need at least two pipe welders, with experience working with stainless steel. You can get even more granular from there - do you need them to be able to fit as well? Is there any other kind of pipe they will be welding on? Do they need certifications or a license? Answers to all of these, upfront, will help expedite the process.

2. What kind of pay range are you offering for welders?

Considering the question above, contractors must now consider a fair wage for the skill set needed for this position. You must consider your location - is it remote? Is the cost of living significant? How long is the project, and what are hotel prices like in the area? These factors all play a vital role in determining a fair rate of pay, on top of the qualifications you are looking for.

3. How long have you been trying to fill your welder job?

Contractors frequently call in saying that they simply cannot find skilled welders in their area. They say positions remain vacant for months. This could mean that you may want to adjust one or several variables to appeal to a wider pool of talent. Using a construction staffing company can significantly help contractors cut down the time it takes to find qualified welders.

If you are a contractor in need of qualified pipe or structural welders, call or request a quote to get some skilled hands on your project.