Three Reasons Contractors use Staffing Companies to fill Traveling Millwright Jobs

In the sub sector of industrial construction, contractors are in a constant flux of increasing and decreasing their personnel. When a shut down project is in the books, it can often be necessary to double or triple their crew sizes to keep up with demand. This makes using a construction staffing company a good option for several reasons.

1. Less risk involved.

Using a staffing company like Grus allows contractors to place workers on the staffing company’s payroll. This eliminates additional risks such as having to pay unemployment or workman’s comp. This also enables the contractors to use millwrights for as long as they need them on a project.

2. Access to the best talent.

Construction staffing companies remain in constant contact with the millwrights they work with. This allows the staffing companies to stay as up to date as possible on their worker’s skill sets and experiences. Also, due to the nature of millwright work, it often requires travel. Using a staffing company gives contractors the ability to widen their talent pool.

3. Saves time.

At Grus, we can usually have traveling millwrights to your job within a couple of days. Sometimes sooner. This saves contractors the time of having to vet each millwright that walks in the door, and allows them to focus on the getting more projects into their company’s pipeline.

If you are an industrial contractor looking for skilled traveling millwrights for your upcoming jobs, give Grus a call today! Or, request a quote online.