How to Get a Job as a Traveling Millwright

In the construction staffing industry, workers willing to travel are in high demand and while this applies to almost all trades, it is particularly true for millwrights. As almost any millwright will tell you, it is simply the nature of the trade. Millwrights work in a variety of environments from manufacturing facilities, to processing plants, and even mines.

Millwright positions are highly sought after by both contractors and workers alike, as contractors understand that it can be very hard to find good help due to the nuances of the job. On the other hand, workers in or entering the millwright field know that most millwright jobs pay handsomely due to frequent long hours required to complete shutdown projects.

So, how do you stand out in the crowd?

If you are just now considering entrance to the millwright field, you should first consider the following:

  • Are you mechanically inclined?
  • Are you capable of working up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week if required?
  • Do you possess electrical knowledge?
  • Have you done any ironwork or welding?
  • Are you up to date on all the latest safety regulations?
  • Are you willing to frequently travel for work?

If you answered “Yes,” to most or all of those questions then a millwright career may be a perfect fit for you.

If you are a millwright currently working, but would like to enhance your skill set, and secure more work, you may want to consider focusing on developing these skills:

  • Industrial electrical work
  • Stick welding
  • Working with iron
  • Applying for jobs in a wider variety of environments
  • Be willing to travel farther for work

Combining these attributes will make you a very competitive candidate to potential employers, and continue to not only grow your skill set, but also your bank account.

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