How Construction Staffing Companies attract the Best HVAC Installers

HVAC contractors know that decent installers are not a dime a dozen. At Grus, we often get calls from clients who have been looking for months to fill a Journeymen or Lead Installer position.

Expending resources to find qualified HVAC installers can get costly, and quick. Most clients simply do not have the time to parse through countless applications, or interview every person who walks in the door looking for a job. 

A construction staffing company is a great way to save you that time and money.

With Grus’s current database of over 150,000 craft workers, we are usually able to find personnel for our clients within just a few days, if not less.

Our team of account managers accomplish this by working with our clients to develop the best solutions to their problems. Our account managers have access to the most up-to-date industry insights when it comes to wage negotiations with workers, access to skill sets in all regions of the United States, and how to craft enticing job descriptions that will attract the top HVAC installers both inside and outside of your markets.

On the other side of our operation, the recruiting team talks to and registers more than 1,500 of these craft workers each month. By asking the “how to…” questions, instead of the “can you…” questions, our recruiters can turn around a project in half the time it would take most contractors to fill an open position. The HVAC installers that call in continue to do so, as our team of recruiters are also highly skilled at building strong rapport with all our workers, thus maintaining a sense of trust and reliability that you don’t often find with other staffing companies.

Could you use some quality HVAC installers as soon as next week? If so, give us a call, or request a quote online, today.