Why do Plumbing Contractors use Staffing Companies

In the plumbing industry, a shortage of skilled workers on your jobs can kill productivity and even damage the reputation of your company. Additionally, finding good help takes time, and that time means money. This leaves contractors with limited options.

One way to get skilled hands, quickly - use a staffing company

“Why should we use a staffing company to find skilled plumbers?”

At Grus, our account managers get asked this question on a daily basis, and we feel we have become experts at answering it.

These are some of the key benefits to using a construction staffing company for your plumbing projects:

  • Saves you time - The fact of the matter is, finding qualified plumbers for your projects takes a lot of time. On average, a typical U.S. employer takes between 21 - 30 days to onboard a qualified employee, and that is if they show up. Recent recruiting statistics indicate it can take companies as long as 90 days to find qualified personnel for their positions. That is all time that eats into budget in the form of overtime, delayed projects, inability to bid on future projects, and administrative costs to review resumes, conduct interviews, and train new employees.
  • Saves you money - Any contractor will tell you that a skilled plumber can make all the difference on the job site. When you are in a bind, and need additional staff quick, it can be tempting to hire on anyone with a set of tools to keep the job running. However, as we have seen on many occasions, this can be problematic, when unskilled plumbers creating more work due to lack of quality, or slow production. Grus has access to more than 150,000 skilled workers, and can usually get them to your project within a couple of days. Clients we work with are often impressed with the skill levels of our plumbers, and have been able to finish jobs ahead of schedule.
  • Eliminates risk - In most states, Grus is able to put skilled workers on our payroll, eliminating the risk for contractors to have to pay out things like workman’s comp and unemployment. This is also a boon to plumbing contractors, as they can easily send skilled plumbers to their projects for a set duration, and cut them loose as soon as the project has been caught up, or concludes.

If you are a plumbing company in need of additional plumbers on your projects, give Grus a call, or visit our request a quote page to see how we can help.