Four Questions Contractors should Ask When Recruiting Qualified Electricians for Projects

Are You Asking the Right Ones?

At Grus, we know how difficult it can be to find good help. Our team of recruiters spend their entire day qualifying workers for open positions, and they will be the first to admit that it can often take a few interviews to find the right person for the job. We often hear from contractors who, for whatever reason, just cannot seem to find reliable or qualified electricians for their projects.

In this post, we pose a few questions to consider when skilled electricians seem non-existent. 

1. What kind of skill set do I need for this job?

This is a situation we often see in the construction industry - a contractor needs someone to fill a position, and the job description is too general. With the wide varieties of skill sets and sub-sectors of the industry, the more descriptive you can be the better. As a construction company, you need to figure out exactly what it is you need your employee to be able to do before you call Grus. Will they be required to accomplish high levels of production - running long lines of MC cable through commercial buildings? Will they be threading rigid conduit for conveyors in a tire plant? In order to get the right electrician for the job, you need to know these answers.

2. What is the job’s duration?

Job duration is one of the biggest factors when it comes to finding the right electrician for your project. For example, industrial traveling hands typically work best on shutdown jobs with shorter duration and longer hours. Whereas commercial projects with longer duration, or contractors looking for a permanent placement might see greater benefit from a local electrician or someone willing to relocate permanently.

3. What kind of pay range are you offering to find the electrician you need for your project?

A fair wage is arguably one of the most important aspects to consider when trying to find the right worker for your job. Just as you must consider the skill set needed, you must also consider environmental factors and location when attempting to find someone to fill a position. For example, a contractor in Lincoln, NE working on a hospital building in the dead of winter would probably have to pay more for a good commercial electrician than a contractor in Florida would for a similar project. 

4. How long have you been looking for a good electrician?

Contractors frequently call in saying that they simply cannot find electricians in their area. They say positions remain vacant for months. This could mean that you may want to adjust the parameters of your job description, duration, or compensation to appeal to a wider pool of talent. By using their expert knowledge of the trends in the construction industry, our account managers are trained to help contractors cut down the time it takes to find qualified electricians.

If you are a contractor in need of qualified electricians, call or visit our request a quote page to get some skilled hands on your project as soon as this week.