Why Construction Staffing Companies have Access to the Best Electricians

Get them out to your projects today

Most electrical contractors understand that good electricians are not easy to find. This is because like contractors, electricians are nuanced, and have special skill sets that vary from job to job.

When one of our account managers works with a contractor to look for qualified electricians, we are often asked, “Why should we work with a staffing company to find them?”

Our answer:

“We have access to some of the best electricians in the industry.”

This fact boils down to some simple common sense, just as we discussed in previous posts the construction industry has always been fraught with peaks and valleys. Therefore, it is in the best interest of electricians to find work where it becomes available, as opposed to waiting for it to show up. While things like electrical service work may be consistent in some places, electricians are hard-pressed to find steady new construction jobs in any given area, even large, metropolitan regions have their slow seasons.

That is where construction staffing companies like Grus come in. Our teams are finding contractors with work; jobs that need the best electricians they can find for both long-term and interim positions.

Our recruiting team talks to and registers more than 1,500 of these craft workers each month, and they call because we work with contractors who know the value of good help. 

So, if you are an electrical contractor looking for a good commercial or industrial electrician, request a quote today.