5 Tips for Choosing the Right Construction Staffing Agency for your Projects

Save Time. Save Money

Are you a contractor with strict deadlines coming up quick? Have you recently celebrated the retirement of your top Journeymen? Or, do you have a handful of workers that just don’t seem as motivated to keep up with production? At Grus, we know the construction industry is full of scenarios in which you could use an extra (or replacement) hand (or ten). But how do you choose the construction staffing agency that is right for your projects?

Almost no two construction staffing agencies are alike, and at Grus we openly admit that there are jobs that we may not be best suited to handle. In this post we will outline some of the nuances in the construction staffing industry, and share our insights on how to choose the best agency for your jobs. 

1. Beware of the Jack of All Trades

“Jack of all trades. Master of none,” is a phrase we know well at our company. This is because we have carved out our niche. Make sure you do your homework on construction staffing firms that claim to “do it all.” You may learn that while they will take on almost any project, their success rate is not great. 

2. Consider the Trade

As is with the “Jack of all trades,” you must consider what kind of craftworker you need to get the job done. There are some construction staffing companies that specialize in one or two trades. Chances are they know the ins and outs of those skill sets, and are well connected to the pros in the industry. 

3. Duration Matters

Our Grus account managers get calls for all different kinds of projects - some are a couple weeks long, and some multiple months - but we have found that we are best at filling jobs that are typically longer than two weeks. For some construction staffing agencies, one week projects are their bread and butter, or even day labor. Some are better at permanent placement. Make sure you are upfront about your project’s duration when dealing with a staffing company, as it will help determine who is most capable of helping you. 

4. Get a Reference

We like to develop strong working relationships with our clients, and try to get all the feedback we can from them. If you are ever unsure about the quality of a construction staffing agency, consider asking for a reference. Our account managers rely on referrals to keep our construction personnel busy. Just as it goes for our workers, a good reference can be make or break. 

5. Cheap Quotes are Red Flags

While margins may sometimes be slim within the construction industry, we know contractors rely on a quality product, and deadlines being met. Our clients know that the same goes for taking the cheapest bid - you get what you pay for. While you may save yourself some cost on the front end, you may end up paying more when you find yourself continually replacing workers, or waiting for the staffing firm to deliver on their product. At Grus, we can usually have personnel to your project within a couple of days, and we do our best to make sure we don’t have to keep replacing them. 

With these tips in hand, you should feel more confident the next time you need to call a construction staffing agency for some additional help. Give us a call, or request a quote to see how we can help on your next project!