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Be one of the first to receive Grus Job Openings! With Grus Hot Job Alert you can now receive your job notifications via email and/or text message.

Grus offers this convenient, reliable solution for fast notification. Once a position is posted that fits your profile, a Hot Job Alert text message will be automatically sent to your phone and/or email account. Sign up for these alerts and be the first to get the best jobs.

If you have already registered and did not sign up at that time, you can still sign up or change your text message number or email address: (You may select one or both options)


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The following is an example of a Grus Hot Job Alert:

Grus Hot Job Alert: Plumber, Journeyman needed in Louisville, KY. 60 hr per wk, $25/hr and $50 per diem.
Call 888-230-9908

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By Signing up for Hot Job Alerts you will be notified of any jobs that become available to your designated skilled trade. This email will contain information about a job offer that you may choose to accept or decline. You will receive this email directly from GrusPersonnel.Com mail. You will also receive email about our Online Store and Online Training programs for the construction industry. We recommend that you add ‘Gruspersonnel.com’ communications to your safe sender list.

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