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Pipefitter Jobs

Apply with Grus today and begin work tomorrow!

Work for the top Pipefitter Contractors nationwide. The nation’s best employers retain Grus to hire Pipefitters for their projects nationwide. The Pipefitters that work for Grus get the best jobs on the best projects. Work on local jobs in your area or travel the country for Pipefitter jobs with great pay, overtime, per diem, travel and ROF bonuses. These projects include industrial shutdowns and fast paced commercial projects.

Your experience in the Pipefitter field will increase rapidly as a result of working for Grus and this will lead to higher pay. Contractors are often using Grus to recruit for direct hire temporary and permanent Pipefitter positions within their company as well.

Apply now and speak with a Recruiter about the position that is just right for you.


•  Pipe Fitters
•  Welders
•  Maintenance Mechanics
•  Millwrights
•  Riggers
•  Sprinkler Fitters
•  Boilermakers
•  Insulators
•  Ironworkers
•  Machinist

Location: Trade: Pay: Per Diem: Weekly Hours:
Miami, FL Sprinkler Fitter $30.00 $42.86 40
St. Petersburg, FL Sprinkler Fitter $22.00 $15.00 50
Tampa, FL Sprinkler Fitter $22.00 $15.00 50
Atlanta, GA Sprinkler Fitter $32.00 $0.00 40
Atlanta, GA Sprinkler Fitter $29.00 $0.00 40
Atlanta, GA Sprinkler Fitter $18.00 $0.00 40
Indianapolis, IN Millwright $24.00 $27.00 50
New Columbus, IN Maintenance Mechanic $30.00 $0.00 40
Canton Junction, MA Rigger $25.00 $0.00 45
Odenton, MD Ironworker $44.43 $0.00 40
Portland, ME Ironworker $28.00 $90.00 40
Fountain, MN Pipefitter Industrial $30.00 $90.00 50
Fountain, MN Pipefitter Industrial $35.00 $90.00 50
Grantley, PA Millwright $33.00 $0.00 40
La Vergne, TN Sprinkler Fitter $30.00 $90.00 40

If you don't see a location or trade that suits your needs, please go ahead and apply for future positions. New jobs come available daily. Keep in mind that Grus Construction Personnel can place you in a position anywhere in the continental U.S.!

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